Saturday, December 6, 2014

GP9 Frame design - V4

Aluminum it is, brass is just to expensive and steel has its own issues with machining.  The final version will include steel weights that will glue into pockets on the inside (top) of the frame.

Version 4, TOP side with weight pockets and ditch light wire channels.

With weights installed. The ditch light wire channels are one each end. I am also including a hole for a accessory post on each end of the frame. More on that soon.

Final weight with the aluminum frame and steel weights is approx. 14 ounces.

Friday, November 21, 2014

GP9 Frame - V3

The Version 3 design for the Red Caboose GP9 frames have been completed.

Ditch light wiring slots have been incorporated into the top of the frame.  This will allow the removal of the plastic shell without the need to disconnect ditch light wires.

As a test I cut one frame from steel. The steel frame weighed in at 12.2 oz.  Aluminum frames weigh in just under 5 oz.

The two pictures below are of the steel frame.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

O Scale GP9 Frame for Red Caboose Kit

My first foray into O scale P48 modeling has been the construction of a GP9 locamotive manufactured by Red Caboose. This model is out of prodution but still available around the web.  The kit comes with a plastic frame that is lacking in both weight and rigidity.  One aftermarket solution in brass was available but no longer in production.

Naturally I have decided to design my own frame. The frame is designed to accept the P&D Hobbies Twin Tower drive. I choose the brass truck version for my build. The wheels and tricks will be narrowed to P48 with additional parts. 

As of this posting the frame is milled from 6061 Aluminum Alloy. Not as heavy as brass but fr more affordable.  I may produce some in steel for added weight.

The frame is designed to accept the P&D Hobbies bolster mount as well as the stock Red Caboose motor mount, fuel tank and air tanks (air tanks not shown).

The lower frame is a drop in fit and snaps in around the motor mount. For the modelers planning to add ditch lights, the frame will include slots for the wiring.

More details can be found on the Yahoo P48 Modelers Group.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Custom Logo & Golf Bag Tags

Here are some of the custom logo and golf bag tags I have made.

R/C Helicoptor Frames

I have been building and flying R/C helicopters for about 8 years so it was a given that I had to design some cool replacement frames.  Here are two helicopter frames machined out of aluminum.

Trex 550 Helicopter Frame

Trex 700 Radio Control Helicopter Frame Kit.
Trex 700 Frame Kit Ready to fly.