Saturday, December 6, 2014

Red Caboose GP9 Frame Upgrade

The final version of the aluminum frame upgrade for the Red Caboose GP9 is now available.

The final version will include two steel weights that fit into machined pockets inside (top) the frame.

Final version (above) with weight installed. Optional post are being test fitted, ditch light wire channels are visible next to the posts.

Bottom side view (above) with plastic bolster from the P&D Hobbies tower drive being test fitted.

Top side view with the motor, fuel tank, and trucks installed. Ditch light wire channels are visible on each end.  Accessory post hole is also visible on each end of the frame. More on that soon.

Frame and two steel weight approx. 14 ounces.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Custom Logo & Golf Bag Tags

Here are some of the custom logo and golf bag tags I have made.

R/C Helicoptor Frames

I have been building and flying R/C helicopters for about 8 years so it was a given that I had to design some cool replacement frames.  Here are two helicopter frames machined out of aluminum.

Trex 550 Helicopter Frame

Trex 700 Radio Control Helicopter Frame Kit.
Trex 700 Frame Kit Ready to fly.